Fintech Unplugged unveils charter to showcase new fintech talent

LONDON, May 18, 2018: Fintech Unplugged, a podcast hosted by payment experts Robert Courtneidge and Suresh Vaghjiani, will be used as a platform to expose new talent in fintech and help overcome barriers to inclusion and equal opportunity.

The Fintech Unplugged (FU) Talent Charter, which was officially launched yesterday at the Prepaid International Forum (PIF) Innovation Day, will offer an opportunity for interesting, talented yet under-exposed individuals to participate and grow exposure within the industry .

“Fintech has always been about challenging established rules and breaking down barriers,” explains Suresh Vaghjiani, Managing Director, Global Processing Services. “Despite this, we have failed to remove barriers to inclusion and equal opportunity within our own industry. The truth is that we still don’t even know what the barriers really are.

“Race, gender and other social factors are what make us different. But we need to focus on what we have in common.  Inclusion is not about having a prescribed number of women or a certain racial mix in the boardroom. Those targets simply divert our attention away from the real and more challenging goal.”

Robert Courtneidge, CEO of Moorwand, continues: “Our efforts to date have not gone far enough. We have to take more personal control of the problem. It’s about taking time and looking for ways to find and nurture talent. Each one of us can use the position we have achieved in our industry to help make this change happen. We need to find people who have not judged their own race, gender or any other factors as barriers to their success.

“It’s about building confidence and finding ways to expose our industry to passionate new voices that will inspire and lead fintech into the future. As part of our contribution, we will be using our podcast as way to help recognise talent.”

Diane Brocklebank, Commercial Director, PIF, said: “PIF is passionate about innovation and a huge advocate for spring boarding new talent in the prepaid financial services sector. We chose to host a live Fintech Unplugged podcast episode as part of PIF’s Innovation Day, and are excited to promote the FU Charter as a opportunity to open the door to a more diverse line-up of individuals who have something to say and want to build their profile..”

The Fintech Unplugged Charter:

  • We will offer an opportunity for interesting, talented yet under-exposed individuals to speak and show what makes them unique. It’s a forum for those talented individuals to shine and not feel constrained by their company’s marketing messages.
  • We will find and showcase more first-time speakers than any other fintech podcast. We will offer listeners a more dynamic and inclusive balance of voices and perspectives.
  • We will support the on-going development of talent through participation and promotion of new one-to-many mentoring programmes through new technology
  • At the end of the year, we will launch the Fintech Unplugged Talent Charter Awards, which will be an opportunity to further recognise and develop upcoming talent.

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