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PIF is the not-for-profit industry body representing organisations who are regulated under e-money and payment services legislation and who operate in the high-growth prepaid and fintech sectors.

With an eleven year history of driving positive outcomes for the industry, PIF works hard for its members as well as the prepaid sector it represents. We use our resources and deep industry knowledge to educate, inform, guide and support each member organisation.

When you join PIF, you join a vibrant community of organisations who are embracing prepaid as an enabler of next-generation financial products and services.

Working for you, not for profit

PIF is governed by a representative Board of twelve Directors from across the prepaid and fintech sectors. This ensures that PIF is always run for the benefit of its members, supporting you and your business through events, education and representation.

PIF offers a host of membership benefits to organisations seeking a non-partisan, member-driven framework that helps them to tackle industry challenges and exploit the opportunities that lie ahead.

What members say

"If you want to get great insight from industry veterans and focussed help both understanding and influencing new regulations, there is no better bet than joining PIF."

Paul Swinton, CEO, B4B Payments

"Our organisation joined PIF a number of years ago, primarily to plug into its expertise in analysing, influencing and setting the agenda surrounding the regulatory environment for the prepaid financial services industry.

In particular, we valued PIF's ability to not only advise on regulatory issues but help shape and deliver a better outcome for the industry and our company.

PIF continues to do this today, but provides a platform for promoting the prepaid industry as an innovative engine behind the fintech, payments and challenger bank sectors that are changing the financial services landscape in many markets. This all feeds into a member grouping of innovative thinkers that help us to continue to innovate in our sector."

Declan Byrne, Managing Director, GVS Prepaid

Membership Benefits


PIF membership is a highly effective way to stay abreast of developing legislation. We engage with regulators, government departments and policymakers and work proactively to represent the interests of members.

PIF provides members with clarity and guidance and uses rigorous evidence to help bring about fair and proportionate regulation. Led by a team of legal experts our regulatory working groups offer an effective mechanism for consulting members and provide informed perspectives on issues affecting the industry.

Public Relations and Public Affairs:

PIF membership is an excellent way to increase your visibility in an increasingly competitive market. We promote a positive image of prepaid to consumer bodies and the media and act as a focal point for media enquiries.

PIF ensures that members capitalise on our proactive PR campaigns and highlights their products and services in articles promoting the sector. Our public affairs and public relations committee offers a valuable means for members to promote their business as well as being a trusted and influential platform for industry representation.


PIF membership offers a wide range of relationship-building opportunities with organisations at the heart of the high-growth prepaid and fintech sectors, with the added credibility of being a member of PIF. With a growing membership, we are building an increasingly diverse and proactive group of businesses seeking opportunities for new business and partnerships.

Whether you are an established player, or just starting to explore the opportunities in our industry PIF bridges gaps with targeted networking at our year-round programme of meetings, briefings and events.

Codes of Conduct and Best Practice:

PIF operates codes of conduct that help members to demonstrate good practice with their customers. We identify what standards the sector needs and propose codes of best practice in consultation with members. The PIF Code of Conduct identifies your organisation as a business committed to delivering high standards from the industry.

Training and Education:

PIF membership is an effective way for staff throughout member organisations to receive a working understanding of the prepaid sector. Our training workshops focus on a wide range of topics, from managing a prepaid programme to the rules and regulations that govern the sector.

Led by seasoned industry professionals with years of practical know-how, our training programmes provide forward-thinking content to keep members at the forefront of this diverse and evolving sector.


PIF is a not-for-profit, member-governed organisation. This means that each member has their say in how PIF serves its members and the industry. All members of PIF are eligible to stand for election to the PIF Board of Directors, providing a unique opportunity to influence and drive the strategic direction of our association.

Become a Member:

For further information on membership benefits and annual fees, please contact:

Diane Brocklebank
Commercial Director
T: +44 (0) 7736 971986