Marketing Prepaid: an introduction to effective strategies to retain customers and grow your prepaid programme

Thursday, 30 November 2017, London

This highly interactive masterclass has been designed to stimulate and challenge you to think about how rapid changes in payments technology, accessibility and law impacts the way you interact with your customers. Packed with real-world examples and group discussion this masterclass will allow you to gain fresh perspectives on marketing your prepaid programme and improving customer retention with real-action learning.

    • Explore new ways to engage and interact with your customers
    • Take away practical learning and apply it to your business
    • Develop a joined-up thinking approach to customer experience excellence
    • Learn how to make sense of your customer data and grow your business with customer retention marketing


  1. First time right is imperative for single loads - but don't make the experience disposable!
  2. Reloadable - where a great retention model pays dividends
  3. Keeping it real - real-world examples of interaction points with a sample customer journey
  4. A practical exercise that will bring customer retention models to life

Who should attend?

This intense introduction to customer retention marketing will benefit everyone involved in the sales, marketing and development of prepaid programmes.

Masterclass Speaker 

Kuljit Kaur

Masterclass Speaker Profile

Kuljit is a veteran in the space of incentives, motivation, prepaid and vouchers. She has worked in the industry for over 25 years and has a real vision for how to market products in this space and create competitive advantage.

She transformed The Voucher Shop business from a small acquisition p&mm (now Sodexo) made in 2006 by creating a slick business development process that excited the customer before a sales call was even made.

Taking the time to understand her buying audience, she stitched together the marketing effort with the telemarketing & sales team to create a highly efficient content led proposition.

Thereafter Kuljit quickly established the need for a relevant & seamless customer journey for the prepaid card product in her portfolio, and by doing so was able to positively effect cardholder behaviour. She tied them in, making them realise the benefits outweighed effort, in turn delivering significant incremental income to the bottom line.

Kuljit does say it how it is so you know where you stand, but only because she’s so passionate about getting it right. And having worked at a senior level for a while, she’s well respected in the industry.


This masterclass will be held in London on Thursday 30 November from 2:30-5:00pm and is free to attend.

Due to the interactive nature of this class, seats are strictly limited and priority will be given to members of PIF. For further information and to register please contact