Prepaid Products

With a prepaid account you can do just about everything a traditional bank account allows you to do, from everyday financial transactions such as paying bills and shopping for groceries, to paying for goods and services online. Prepaid products can be loaded or topped up in retail outlets or online and you can only spend what is on the card.

Your salary can also be paid into your prepaid account which you can then use just like a debit card to spend in shops, shop online, transfer money, use on holiday, check your balance and in many cases withdraw cash from ATMs.

You can choose from a range prepaid products to suit your needs and lifestyle. There are many providers of these products from banks to specialist financial services providers. Many products carry the American Express, Mastercard and Visa symbol giving you access to millions of shops, ATMs and online retailers worldwide while allowing you to budget what you spend and where.

Discover a new way to manage your everyday finances with prepaid.

General Purpose Prepaid Accounts

An everyday payment account

General prepaid accounts are an ideal solution for your everyday payment needs. They are generally ‘scheme-based’ which means that they carry one of the main payment scheme symbols such as Mastercard and Visa.

These types of accounts have many uses. Your salary can be paid into your prepaid account, or you can load funds into the account yourself which you can use in much the same way as a traditional bank account to pay bills, shop online and at millions of shops worldwide, transfer money to someone else and in many cases withdraw cash from ATMs

Prepaid Travel Money

A holiday spending money account on your terms – safe, convenient and flexible

Prepaid travel money cards are a safe, convenient and flexible way to pay on holiday.

They allow you to put your holiday money on one card with all the flexibility of a credit or debit card. They help you keep to your holiday budget and allow you pay in millions of outlets worldwide and withdraw cash from most ATMs. If you lose your card simply call your card provider and your money is safe.

Prepaid travel money cards are generally issued with a main payment scheme brand, like Mastercard and Visa and can be used in retail outlets and at ATMs that accept them. Cards are available from banks, post offices and a range of specialist providers and many travel money products offer competitive foreign exchange rates.

Multi-Store Prepaid Gift Cards

Giving the Gift of Choice

Multi-store gift cards give you a wide choice of stores to spend in and are great for giving the gift of choice to your family and friends. These types of products are generally regulated under European E-Money Regulations which means that your money is safe if the retailer goes into administration.

Some gift card products are ‘scheme’-branded which means that they are branded by one of the major payment schemes such as Visa or Mastercard. They can be used wherever the brand is accepted. Unlike most single and multi-store gift cards these types of cards normally charge a purchase fee.